There are many other aspects relevant to a valuation than the end result. A crucial aspect of a valuation process is that it should reflect the intended purpose in question. Hence, in addition to expertise in modern finance theories a wide and deep expertise in the respective business environment, legal matters, technical details and practical experience is needed.  

Valuations are needed in many situations, e.g. mergers, business acquisitions and/or disposals, selling a part of a business, other types of restructurings or equity financing.

Sometimes valuation is required because of the industrial standards, legislation, tax matters or features typical to owner-managed businesses.  

Valuation Services

  • Valuations (business acquisitions, succession plans, repurchase of shares, management incentives, copyright or other taxation valuation purposes)
  • Financial modelling and evaluation
  • Purchase price allocation, goodwill assessment
  • Impairment testing (IFRS) 
  • GAAP conversions, especially US GAAP and IFRS.