IFRS Advisory Services

IFRS Advisory Services

We comprehensively support our clients with meeting the IFRS reporting requirements and maintaining and developing the related practices. We help Finnish and foreign-owned companies reporting in line with the IFRS and companies planning to adopt the standards.
The IFRS standards are developing and changing constantly. Our experts are always up to date with the latest developments.  In addition to our experienced specialists, you will have access to special expertise through our international BDO network. We always tailor the scope and implementation of assignments to the specific needs of your organisation.

Services for companies reporting in line with the IFRS

Our services for companies reporting in line with the IFRS cover:

  • Analyses of future amendments and their effects
  • Tailored training on selected aspects of the IFRS
  • Preparation and development of reporting manuals
  • Separate calculations, such as financial leasing, impairment testing and procurement calculations related to business combinations
  • Support with preparing IFRS financial statements.

Our services for companies planning to adopt the IFRS

We provide support with and advice on:

  • Preliminary studies and reports in the planning phase of IFRS transition projects
  • Analyses of reporting processes and systems and assessments of development needs
  • Adjustment of reporting processes, organisations and systems in order to match the IFRS   
  • Transition calculations
  • Support with preparing the first IFRS financial statements.