Special audits

Special audits

Special audits are needed, for example, when it is suspected that laws or regulations have been violated in the financial administration of an organisation. In conjunction with investigating violations, audits may be carried out pertaining to the definition of duties, authorisations and responsibilities, as well as to internal control guidelines, for example. Special audits are often related to corporate restructuring or bankruptcy. 

Our experts have very extensive and long-standing experience in special audits. Our experts have been involved in over 1,500 special audits, including audits of listed companies that have undergone restructuring or bankruptcy in the 21st century.  

A wide range of special audit services 

Our team of experts can help our clients in need of special audit services in the following areas: 

  • Audits related to bankruptcies 

  • Audits related to corporate restructuring 

  • Audits related to legal proceedings, disputes over purchase prices, misunderstandings and other disputes, and assessing the amount of damage 

  • Special audits in accordance with the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act and the Limited Liability Housing Companies Act 

Audit and reporting system based on our diverse experience 

We ensure a reliable and useful outcome for the client assigning the special audit by using an effective audit and reporting system. The system, developed on the basis of our diverse experience, facilitates the decision-making of the client by providing them with clear and reliable information about the findings highlighted in the audit report. Contact us - we are happy to provide more information about our special audit services suitable to your needs and situation!