Technology and service procurement

We help your company achieve the best outcome in procurement processes. 

The procurement of new technologies and services often serves as an instrument of change in an organisation: their introduction is aimed at improving operational efficiency, enhancing development or facilitating new innovation. In order to accomplish the goals set for the change, it is vital to carry out the procurement of technologies and services carefully, with high quality and with a focus on the value that is being pursued.  

The key conditions for successful procurement include highly competent and experienced procurement specialists, market insight, leveraging best practices, having a systematic approach, focusing on business value, and the commitment of the client organisation. The latest developments in areas such as the use of agile methods, cloud solutions and artificial intelligence also pose challenges to conventional procurement competencies and methods. In the public sector, procurement legislation provides the framework for procurement processes. 

Effectively implemented procurement accelerates the business benefits 

The procurement methods and document templates we offer are designed to support our clients in the procurement of technologies and services, improve the quality of outcomes and accelerate the procurement process itself, which enables the organisation to take advantage of the business benefits faster. 

With our experienced procurement experts, we can guarantee the best possible outcome for your procurement. 

Our expertise covers the following areas and more: 

  • preparing a procurement strategy 

  • describing the business benefits 

  • identifying potential partners 

  • planning and implementing the procurement 

  • preparing the procurement documents 

  • comparing bids 

  • contract negotiations 

  • preparing change plans 

  • vendor management