Information security and compliance

Information security is crucial. 

Over the past few years, a company’s capacity to recognise and prevent information security and data protection threats has emerged on the agenda of senior management. Threats are being updated continuously, as are the technologies and processes used to mitigate them, and the legislation pertaining to information security. The development of information security is a process that is never finished. It requires continuous monitoring and operational development. 

We support your management in ensuring that information security and data protection are appropriately taken into account in your company’s operations. We help you identify the threats facing your operations and conduct an independent assessment of the current state of your capabilities. We then create an action plan that suits your specific needs and assist your organisation in the systematic development of capabilities. We help your company establish the necessary processes and metrics to ensure that the management is aware of the company’s capabilities and can sleep better at night. 

Managing your company’s information security with a long-term approach 

When a sufficient level of maturity has been achieved, we can support your organisation’s development through targeted training, participating in development projects or, for example, organising practical exercises and audits to ensure an appropriate response to incidents. New and amended legislation can also lead to changes. 

Our expertise covers the following areas and more: 

  • strategy 

  • processes 

  • action plans 

  • tool selection 

  • competitive tendering 

  • deployment projects 

  • continuity management 

  • new legislation 

  • internal audits and other auditing