Digital strategy and planning

Digitalisation makes IT intertwined with all aspects of business.

Digitalisation makes IT intertwined with all aspects of business. 

The ongoing digital transformation is making information technology increasingly intertwined with the core activities of all organisations. That is why IT must support organisations in achieving their strategic objectives in a developing and changing world and market situation. This means not only enabling new business models and business areas but also improving the efficiency of operations, preparing for global risks, responding to declining economic cycles and achieving sustainability goals. 

A digital strategy brings together an organisation’s external challenges and internal goals. It also addresses the new opportunities created by developing technologies and operating practices, such as artificial intelligence and agile methods. A digital strategy describes how the organisation leverages technology at all levels in order to respond to the aforementioned challenges, goals and opportunities. 

A successful digital strategy: 

  • serves as an enabler for the organisation’s overall strategy 

  • takes the organisation’s internal and external factors into consideration 

  • describes the current state, the objective and the gap between them 

  • is executable, meaning it describes concrete actions and the related responsibilities necessary for executing the strategy 

  • identifies the key performance metrics and figures that will be used to monitor the strategy. 

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