We’re relocating! BDO teams in Helsinki will be creating unified workspace in Ruoholahti

Starting in August 2024, all BDO employees in the Helsinki region will be based in the Ruoholahti district. Our teams from Lauttasaari and Pasila will be coming together in the Roihu office building, located at Porkkalankatu 3, creating a unified workspace in this new location. 

As the number of employees has grown, more spacious offices that are better suited to our needs have become relevant. The move to Roihu makes it possible to improve the well-being of our employees by offering modern workspaces, that support work better, and a central location with good services and public transport connections. Our client experience will also be improved, as the new premises provide an even better setting for client meetings and an easy-to-reach location. Best of all, all BDO employees in the capital region will move under the same roof.

"The move to Roihu will provide us with an even better framework for growth and the opportunity to centralise all our services in the capital region in one place. The central and easily accessible location will make life easier for many BDO employees, and clients will also be able to reach us easier beginning in August. More modern and functional facilities will support the well-being of our employees, which is very important to us. We are looking forward to the launch of our new office and are delighted that we will be able to operate in the same building in Helsinki”, says our Managing Director Taneli Mustonen. 

Modern activity-based office

A completely renovated activity-based office, tailored to the needs of BDO employees, who have had a say in its solutions, is currently being built on three floors in Roihu. The first floor is mainly reserved for client meetings and the other two are reserved for BDO employees' working and shared spaces. 

The building has just been technically renovated to meet the requirements of today’s office work. The aim of our new office is to support our work and different types of tasks effectively and to facilitate the cooperation between our different teams and clients. 

"It is important to us that our employees are happy in the workplace and that the environment supports different ways of working. In Roihu, we have more space and modern workspaces, which have been designed in cooperation with our employees. The activity-based office with its different working spaces will make working in the office more meaningful and will take into account the needs of our different teams. In addition, we will have access to the well-being facilities at Roihu, which will further enhance our sense of community. We are particularly pleased that all BDO employees in the capital region are moving under the same roof, which will support team spirit and teamwork," says HR Director Heidi Pietilä.

The Roihu office building is situated in a prominent location at the intersection of the Länsiväylä road, with excellent accessibility and in a business-friendly area in Ruoholahti. The building was completed in 1986 and has a long tradition as a recognisable landmark in the Ruoholahti street image.

Ruoholahti offers good opportunities for exercise, outdoor activities and shopping. The services in the centre of Helsinki are also just a stone’s throw away, so even those coming to Ruoholahti from further away can easily find all the most important services close by and centrally.