• Corporatisation and Changes to
    Group Structure

Corporatisation and Changes to Group Structure

Many aspects affect group structures and the need for changes. Adjustments to group structures are guided by strategic guidelines provided by the owners, as the group structure must be in line with their goals and needs. 

The group structure and the form of ownership are particularly important when the owner is a municipality or another party subject to income tax to a limited extent. Corporatisation and changes to the group structure often generate considerable sales gains for the parent company or the municipality as the owner. In the best cases, changes to the group structure serve the needs of the owner by producing an efficient way to achieve operational goals, tax-wise and performance-wise, in addition to generating significant sales gains. 

Our support services for local authority corporations cover:

  • Planning and adjustment of group structures
  • Reorganisation and corporatisation of operations and establishment of structures for cooperation
  • Outsourcing issues
  • Establishment of companies
  • Mergers, demergers, business transfers and exchanges of shares
  • Dissolution of organisations
  • Determination of value 
  • Divestments and sectoral restructuring