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HR processes are carried out daily in every organisation. They encompass all the different stages of an employment relationship, covering everything from recruitment to retirement. HR-Startti is a good way for organisations to get a quick and comprehensive overview of the status of different HR processes and human resources management – in perspective of both present and future needs.

We will help clarify the status of your current HR processes as well as define the future objectives based on your business needs. We will also help you create clear procedures and practices suitable for especially your organisation. Getting a clear picture understanding your responsibilities and obligations, and a concrete roadmap forward will help your organisation improve in the areas needed. We will also help ensure that your business fulfills legal obligations in terms of labour law and that your employment documents are up to date.

Analysing the current situation, clarifying the internal responsibilities and obligations related to HR processes and addressing high-risk areas will protect your business and contribute to transparency, equality and fair treatment. It will also foster responsible behaviour among personnel. Responsible and systematic fulfilment of the employer’s obligations is also a basic requirement that investors and sponsors pay attention to when a company is seeking growth.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts will provide expertise, practical solutions and flexible co-operation.


Our HR-Startti service covers:

  • Assessment of your organisation’s current management of personnel matters, clarification of your future objectives and creating a concrete roadmap to help you achieve those objectives
  • Clarifying tasks, responsibilities and mandate of internal roles in relation to HR processes and creating the necessary documents
  • Coaching for managers
  • Ensuring the proper fulfilment of legal obligations, including:
    • Review of employment contract templates
    • Obligations related to and measures for ensuring occupational safety and health
    • Processing personal data in accordance with the data protection regulation
    • The applicable collective agreement, related employer’s obligations and local agreements
    • Co-operation with representatives of the personne