• Industrial security

Industrial security

The key objective of industrial security is to promote the efficiency and continuity of the organisation.

It is part of the routine management of an organisation. The aim is not to establish a separate unit, but to ensure the continuity, safety and corporate social responsibility of operations in all situations as part of overall risk management.

Industrial security is holistic. It safeguards the values important to the organisation, such as people, information, reputation, property or the environment from risks.

The importance of industrial security is increasingly high. We provide assessment and advisory services related to industrial security for companies, government administration, organisations, municipalities, joint municipal authorities, wellbeing services counties and municipal companies.

We help our clients to assess the current state of industrial security and to identify key targets of development. Examples of our industrial security services:


  • Current status assessments
  • Digital security, information security, privacy
  • Development support, e.g. security policies, security organisation and goals, proven practices
  • Development of good security culture and risk awareness, e.g. workshops and self assessments
  • Identification and analysis of security risks
  • Investigative due diligence surveys of companies, beneficial owners and individual people, CV and reference checks
  • Management of risks related to sanctions, money laundering, terrorism financing, politically exposed persons, etc.
  • Supply chain risk management, grey economy risks
  • Identification of commitments and co-operation networks
  • Support for municipalities and joint municipal authorities regarding matters related to commitments
  • Management of personal and travel safety risks
  • Physical safety of business premises and sites.

Identification and analysis of deviations

  • Development of constant monitoring and deviation identification capabilities
  • Ethical channel (whistleblower service): option investigation, procurement support and required training
  • Support from the international BDO network in specifying the requirements of and deploying the whistleblower service
  • Technical support for the deployment of the ethical channel
  • Development of the responsibilities, instructions and processing and investigation processes related to whistleblower reports
  • Outsourced management of reports and suspected misconduct.

Investigation of reports and deviations, support for further actions

  • Investigations, surveys
  • Forensic services of the international BDO network
  • Data collection, eDiscovery and data analysis services
  • Expert support in special matters related to information systems, legality and taxation, for example
  • Support in filing insurance claims, e.g. damage valuation, Cyber insurance claim assessments
  • Bankruptcy and restructuring checks.