• Special Audits

    Clarity and transparency for operations

Special Audits

Special audits are needed when it is suspected that laws or regulations have been violated in the financial management of an organisation. In conjunction with investigating violations, audits can be carried out pertaining to duties, authorisations, responsibilities and internal control guidelines, for example. Special audits are often related to corporate reorganisation or bankruptcy. In such cases, the audits are carried out in line with the recommendations of the Advisory Board for Bankruptcy Affairs.

Our special audit experts have broad and extensive experience of circumstances that require audits and organisations of all types and sizes. The scope and focus of a special audit is agreed with the customer on a case-by-case basis.

Increase transparency with whistleblower services

We also provide a confidential whistleblower service, which is an effective way to report suspected violations or observations of questionable conduct. Whistleblower channels enable organisations to receive valuable internal and external feedback from business partners and other stakeholders. They also enable organisations to rapidly address unclear situations. A whistleblower channel is also a good way to increase transparency effectively.

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