• Labour law

Labour law

Our experts help our customers in all labour law-related issues during the entire term of employment, including the situations listed below. Our experts provide help and information on legal matters associated with personnel as well as business administration. Our experts pay attention to the needs of your organisation and help you also with personnel matters.

Our services include:

  • Daily employment law
    • Consultancy services related to the different areas of the labour law for employers; employee recruitment, needs for change during the employment, annual leave and working hour issues, addressing problems encountered during the employment, terminating the employment
    • Preparation of documents
    • Advice related to trade unions and collective labour agreements
    • Resolving disagreements
  • Adjusting personnel structure
    • Reduction of the workforce, laying off employees and the planning and implementation of the shifting to part-time work
    • Assessment of the compliance with the cooperation negotiation obligation, negotiation procedure including documents and the implementation of the measures after the negotiations
  • Labour law and HR guidance related to restructuring
    • Analysis of labour law related obligations and risks in different phases of restructuring; due diligence check, cooperation negotiation obligations and the integration process after restructuring
    • Planning and implementation of the outsourcing process including documents
    • Advice related to the transfer of personnel during the transfer of business
  • International mobility of employees
    • support and guidance related to posting abroad, preliminary tax withholding and social security